"No1Media" Advertising Network

"No1Media" Advertising Network
Food Channel:; Health Channel:,,; Style Channel:,,; Family Channel:,,; Social Channel:

Ad Layouts
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The relative positioning of the various elements of the Ad are defined in Ad Layouts. We have offered full flexibility to design varying Ad layouts using layout plugins. No.1AD offers with a few common ones while giving advertiser full scope to innovate & create some more!

AD Positions

Ad position is the position of your ad on content page(s) of sites. Custom position can be arranged by request.

Ad Types

Types or format of Ad. Text / Contextual Ads, Image/Banner Ads, Video & Flash Ads, Combination Ads

Ad Wallet mode

This mode works the way Google, Facebook & LinkedIn Ads work. Here the advertiser needs to maintain a balance against his account. He or she can then create campaigns & set daily budgets against ad wallet balance. He can then create ads without having to pay & checkout for every Ad.

Combination Ads
ad04 txtnimage
Sometimes an image or video isn’t enough. You need both. Facebook & LinkedIn use these effectively.  This is advertisers' favourite choice.
Contextual Or Keyword Targeting

Advertisers can chose to show Ads only on pages that content/article(s) with the Keywords relevant to posted Ad. In this case, the Ad shall be shown on pages that has maximum relevance to the configured Keywords against the Ad.


Advertiser(s) can enjoy perioically advertising discount coupon to promote advertising on No.1 site(s).

Email Ads

Show Ads in No.1 site(s) emails with our "AdsInEmails function". Supports multiple email extensions to allow advertiser(s) to dynamically send targeted or untargeted Ads in site emails.

Geo Targeting

Advertisers can chose to show Ads only to users in specific locations by choosing location variables like  Country, City, Zip Code. Real time geo location information based on the visitors IP address is used to do geolocation targeting of Ads.

Image/Banner Ads
ad bannerA Picture is worth a thousand words & a video even more so. Advertisers have full flexibility to create Ads using Images, GIF animations, Videos or Flash animations.
No.1 Ad Designer

No.1Ad offering a super simple & extremely intuitive Ad designer which offers a live preview of how the Ad will look once in action.  No.1Ad can also suggest Ads to user(s) based on Geolocation, social & content.

No.1Ad System

No.1 Ad System (No.1AD) is an extremely powerful & scalable advertising solution.  No.1AD is a top notch Advertising systems like Google AdWords, Facebook & LinkedIn Ads as well various Ad networks.


ROC (Run of Channel) AD will be randomly appear in selected channel, including Food Channel, Health Channel, Fashion Channel, Family Channel, etc.


RON (Run of Network) AD will be randomly appear in 11 No1Media sites. Such as:,,,, etc.


ROS (Run of site) AD will be randomly appear in selected site. eg.,, etc.

Search Ads

Search Ads works with Keyword targetting & Ads relevant to the Search are shown against the Search results in regular Ad display zones.

Site Ads

Ads in designated Ad zones on No.1 sites. Multiple Zones to show Ads of various types & sizes.

Text / Contextual Ads


Small easy to read & can be designed to fit almost anywhere (zones), text ads make it easy to utilise small spaces on No.1 site(s) to maximise ad promotion reach.
Video & Flash Ads


Video can be a short film or telling story. Advertisers is full flexibility to create Ads using Videos or Flash animations. 

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